Bio-Pro Technology (BPT)


The famous physicist Albert Einstein in 1905, he wrote: When the material when the velocity exceeds the speed of light, then the material is no longer called "material" and to "energy." Therefore, the natural energy of the universe is said there are ultra-light particles.

What is energy: the energy is defined as the scientists ability to do work. First law of thermodynamics says energy can neither be created nor destroyed, energy can be converted from one form to another form. Form of energy: kinetic energy, potential energy, light, heat, force and energy, sound energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy, as well as chemical energy, atomic energy and cosmic energy, etc.. In the vast universe, countless stars, the occasion of running, there has been a mysterious force, dominate the planet between the operation of this power, the scientific community as "the natural energy of the universe."


For Earth, the sun is the source of all the total energy, which promote all life on Earth. Bio is life energy, the body of the atomic and electronic form a flow of energy gas field, to provide sufficient energy in the operation of the body cells to achieve optimal health. This means that energy is the life force, is also a source of human health and vitality.


Energy balances in the body and is based on the energy patterns around the body and form a matrix to keep the body healthy. Human Energy gas field (in the esoteric teaching in the West called AURA) to form a shield to keep the body healthy. Between human cells is a fixed wavelength (frequency) to convey the message, which is unique for each individual. All organizations, such as skin, liver, bones and other organs have their own special frequency of vibration and resonance. Bio-resonance is the search for and communicates all the necessary frequencies to stimulate and control the organisms and make the final body regeneration.


However, in this modern age, the body's energy is gradually disrupted gas field. Pressure of life, long-term use of electrical appliances, environmental pollution, not a balanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle and the inhalation of toxins, so our gas field wavelength frequency or energy imbalance. Energy being blocked and hindered the flow of life energy. Many chronic health problems gradually began to appear, so the body cannot self-healing ability.

Bio-Pro Technology (BPT)

The technology for solar direct frequency of pure energy. It is different from other energy, the sun's rays in the energy intake, the storage and it is stable, has stabilized after the energy injected into a series of products.

BPT Energy Core Stripe

VMOSA complex core stripe used in addition Negative Ions , Nano-Silver and Far Infrared than more to BPT technology has been injected , not only to enhance the Negative Ions , Nano-Silver and Far Infrared effect, but also help the body regulate the frequency of vibration, and enhance the health of organisms forming gas field in the positive physical energy wave, so that the energy flow of body harmony, balance and biochemical function of cells, allowing the body to achieve the ideal state of health.