Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.)


The Sun's rays can be broadly classified into visible and non visible light. The visible light can be resolves into purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange and red colour by using a glass prism. The external of the red light is a non visible light which wavelength from 0-1000 µm which also called infrared ray. The infrared ray with wavelength from 4 to 400 µm was named far infrared ray, 90% of it is between the ranges of 8 to 14 micron. As this ray can help in the growth of animals and plants, the scientists call it the ray for life. The human’s body is mainly formed by water and protein which also includes micro-elements such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium etc, can produce 5-30 microns of far infrared energy. According to the physics theory, therefore the human body can widely absorb far- infrared ray which ranges 5 to 30 micron. Far infrared is not only produces by the sun but also can be getting from heating the sand or rock. This explained why the clay pot can cook the best rice and a sand roasting chestnut gives the best taste. The secrets within is the far infrared can penetrate and break down the starch or fat in the food. It is healthier to cook with a clay pot too.


The NASA had unveiled the amazing health care functions of far-infrared. According to the research, the human’s body is form of water, the frequency of the far-infrared ranges 4-14 microns is same as the vibration frequency of molecule and atom of our skin cell, its energies can be absorb by the cells and changed to their rotational-vibrational movements, activates the water molecules, rejuvenates cells and tissues, increases the extensibility of capillaries which is good for stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism. Far-infrared is very big in Japanese community, this nation that identify as the longevity nation strongly believe far-infrared is good for longevity and health care. Nearly thirty million people are using far-infrared for various purposes. Far-infrared has proven to be the only ray in the universal that can penetrate the human’s body cells and produce resonance in the body, heating the tissue, helps to detoxify toxins from our body and prevents illness.



How FIR benefits our health?

1. Activates the water molecules, increase the body’s oxygen volume

Our bodies are approximately 70% water; the water content ratio in our blood fluid is even as high as 80%. When there is vacuity of blood and “qi” or the blood circulation is poor, the water content in the blood will be concentrate and then transform into inertia water with structure of H4O (four parts hydrogen to one oxygen) , this inertia water is unable to penetrate the cell membrane easily.


Far-infrared can generate resonance on water molecules, change the molecular structure into independent water molecule with a composition of H2O (two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen), the oxygen levels in the body increases and the cells can restore vitality. As such, we will be full of vigour, our mental performance was enhanced, as well as the ability to resist disease and delay aging.


2. Improve Micro-circulation System
The independent water molecule can freely access to the cells, it will then transform into heat through rotational-vibrational movements. It will then elevate the hypodermic temperature and increases blood flow, capillaries will also dilate. As more capillaries are open, the pressure to the heart decreases.


The function of blood capillary is to provide oxygen and nutrients to 60 billion cells in the human body, and discharge the wastes generated from metabolism out of the body.
The disorders of micro-circulation system will lead to multiple health problems, including hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, cold extremities and numbness etc.


3. Promoting Metabolism

When the micro-circulation is improved, the wastes generate from the metabolism will be rapidly eliminated from the body, relieve the burden of liver and kidney. The wastes included heavy metal that can cause cancer, lactic acid that cause fatigue and aging, ionized fatty acid and subcutaneous fat, sodium that cause hypertension and uric acid that cause pain.


4. Balances the body's Ph

Far-infrared manage to purify the blood, improve skin quality, and to prevent bone and joint pain caused by excessive uric acid. Far infrared products including undergarment, wristband, knee band, mattress, pillow case, blanket etc. The main function of these products is to promote blood circulation on the different parts of body, preventing pain and discomfort, fatigue, and prevention of diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osseous hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, hyperostosis, cervical vertebra inflammation, wrist pain, low back pain, menstruation pain, hands and feet numbness etc.