Negative Ions


Negative oxygen ions is in the air combined with oxygen molecules to form free electrons, which like the sun, as an indispensable material in human. Negative ions in the wilderness, beach, village, waterfall, fountains, etc. can achieve a high 2000 cm³ or more, but in cities, population density, smoke stacks, dust surge, as well as car exhaust, air is polluted, the number of negative ions significantly reduced (city room usually 40-50 cm³), destroyed the ecological balance, people's health is threatened. Anion colorless, odorless, has strong adsorption characteristics, can in the air particulate matter close to absorption, dust, sterilization. Negative ions in the air as the food is as important vitamins, known as "air vitamin", "longevity factor", "air street sweeper" and so on reputation.


Negative ions on human health is of particular importance. The combination can generate extraordinary ability, so usually positively charged dust, bacteria, viruses, together with each other, and in, and go into the bacterial cells, killing bacteria, not harmful to human form. The number of negative ions in the air the more the less the number of bacteria, when the anion concentration reaches a certain value when the number of bacteria is zero.


World Health Organization states: fresh air, anion content should not end in 1000 cm³. In some environments (such as mountains) there is no inflammation of life of people plagued general health and longevity, and where the air contains a lot of negative air ions have a clear relationship.


Discovery and application of negative ions can be traced back as early as the nineteenth century, the first international academic conference to prove the effectiveness of negative ions on the human body is the German physicist Dr. Philip Lione, he thought the Earth's natural environment on human health beneficial negative ions content most places around the waterfall.


At present, a world leader in ion technology is "the first person to negative ions," "ion the first person to medical research," scientists in Japan rose Horiguchi, MD. During the 30 years he founded the "ion medicine" as the "greatest of the twenty-first century life sciences, human health, the only way to retrieve."