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Why do women have menstruation?

Menstruation is the release of endometrial tissue and blood that occurs as part of the menstrual cycle. It is also to prepare the reproductive organs for pregnancy. A healthy and normal woman will have ovulation every month, if the egg or ovum is fertilized, the endometrium will keep on growing under the influence of estrogen, it will then supplies nutrition to the fetus. The lining begins to break down and discharges from the body through the vagina as the menstrual period if pregnancy does not occur.

The benefits of menstruation



Knowing the Differences between Normal Discharge and Abnormal Discharge

An abnormal discharge is a yellow or brown dishchage with an fishy odour, whereas the normal dischage is clear and white, the thickness is depends on the menstrual cycle. It is clearer and less amount during ovulation but increases in the amount after ovulation. All women have vaginal discharge, do not panic if you have never had it before. Some women thought they might have some illness when they see the discharge, but it is normal and you can actually ignore it unless it is accomponied by itching, burning and a foul odour.


The discharge during ovulation or cervical mucous should be moist or sticky, acts as the moisture for the sperm to easily enters the egg cytoplasm. The discharge becomes thinner after menstruation, it helps to clean the uterus.



5 Main Factors That Caused Menstrual Disorder

1. Tension

Stress, tension and bad mood will effected the function of hypothalamic-pituitar, which in another word will stop the oval from ovulate. This is how menstrual disorders occured during the reproducticve ages of a female.


2. Chill
Chill during menstruantion will caused to constriction on the pelvic vessels leading to ovarian dysfunction. The menstrual bleeding may be getting lesser, or the menstrual can even be absent (amenorrhea).


3. Electromagnetic Radiation
We are expose to electromagnetic radiation as we are are using all kinds of household electrical appliances, the side effects to the women’s health are such as endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders.


4. Constipation
Constipation may also lead to menstrual disorder. When the rectum is fill with feces, the uterus will be tilted backwards. The retroverted uterus will affected the blood flow in the vein within the round ligament; the uterine wall becomes congestive and lost its elasticity. It will then finally lead to lower back pain and menstrual disorders.


5. Drug Abuse
Drug abuse and a frequently comsuption of antibiotics might inhibits and lower the body’s self resistance ability, induced for menstrual disorders, not ovulating and amenorrhea or missed period.



Why Infection Risk Rises During Menstruation?



Common mistakes in the use of sanitary napkins



The major source of gynecological diseases: a sub-standard sanitary napkin

Most of the women use cloth or papers as their menstrual protection when there was no sanitary napkin in the past. But gynecological diseases are very rare to occur at that time compare to now. The living standard and technology today are much higher than the past; the risks of getting disease are also increasing. Why is it that today there are more women with gynecological diseases? There are factors causing this, but the major factor is a contaminated sanitary napkins.


According to the report of WHO, there are approximately 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer in 2002, and 274,000 death! 83% of women are having vaginal infection today, 62% of this infection is caused by the usage of sub-standard sanitary napkins! It is obviously very important to choose a good quality sanitary napkin for the women’s health.


Most of the sub-standard sanitary napkins are actually made of recycled papers collected from books, newspapers and dirty carton boxes. Additives or chemicals were then added into the recycled pulp for processing sub-standard sanitary napkins. The sub-standard sanitary napkins are using an industrial used adhesive base layer which is using lots of industrial used glue. All these materials contain lots of chemicals and heavy metals, the contaminated sanitary napkins will harm the women’s health after contacting to their sensitive part of the body for a long period.